5 ways to maintain your fiberglass boat

Posted on Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - 13:48

If you own a fiberglass boat, you probably know that it does not require a lot of maintenance, compared to other types of ships. However, if you want to enjoy your boat for many years, you should take care of it. Another advantage of proper maintenance is that will definitely cost you less than repairing serious problems that occur in time because of negligence. But how can you take care of your fiberglass boat? Here are 5 simple maintenance tips that you should bear in mind.

Wash it regularly

Cleaning it regularly is one of the basic steps for boat maintenance. It does not cost much, but it helps you to avoid a lot of trouble. However, this tip includes two aspects. First and foremost, cleanse your boat with fresh water every time you come back from a trip on saltwater. This is essential because salt is corrosive and will affect your fiberglass boat in time. Another important thing you should not omit is to wash your boat periodically with a special soap. Make sure you don’t use a solution that is too abrasive. In fact, you can make your own solution using dish detergent and warm water.

Use a quality polish

A good quality wax is necessary for the protection of your fiberglass boat after you have washed it. A proper polish will help your boat to maintain its paint in good condition so that this will not fade because of the hot sun or salt water. The hard shell created by a quality wax is protecting the paint layer and makes it last longer.

Fix any crack promptly

If you notice any crack, don’t ignore it or wait for something serious to happen. Fiberglass boats tend to have small cracks in the hull if used a lot in rough waters or beached really often. If ignored, these tiny cracks will turn into large cracks that will cost you a small fortune for repairing. Buy a fiberglass repair kit and use the epoxy foam to repair a small crack as soon as you notice it. This is an easy and cheap way of maintaining your fiberglass boat.

Use a schedule

There are certain aspects that require regularity. Why not keep track of the repairs you do and know for sure what is the next step in your maintenance routine? Use a calendar to make sure you wash and wax your fiberglass boat periodically, change the oil accordingly to your boat type requirements, and give it a new paint systematically. You can also establish certain dates for a detailed routine check. It is also recommended to note down all the parts you have replaced or repaired.

Replace the pump yearly

Many of the problems that may occur when using a fiberglass boat are related to an improper functioning of the pump. For this reason, you should replace it regularly. The recommendation is to change it once per year if you use your boat daily or almost every day.

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