How to choose a boat dealer

Posted on Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - 12:39

Having a boat offers a lot of opportunities, such as fishing, more quality time spent with your family, relaxation and so on. However, when deciding to buy a boat, most Australians are not sure how to choose a boat dealer. Besides aspects such as what type of boat you want and how you plan to use it, one of the most important factors when buying a boat is opting for the right dealer. What should you look for when deciding who is going to be your boat dealer?

BIA member or BIA-certified

BIA is the acronym for Boating Industry Association. A member of BIA or a dealer who is BIA certified is recognised by this association as a boat dealer and is always up-to-date with everything that happens in this industry. Moreover, being a part of BIA means lots of experience and training, which definitely improves the performance of the agent. In fact, this performance is confirmed by statistics that shows a higher performance of BIA-certified dealers as compared to others. But even more important is that BIA has introduced an incredible program, offering warranty for used boats. This is definitely one of the worrying aspects for anyone who has chosen to buy a used boat – the fact that they receive no warranty. BIA has got this covered now and we’ll talk about this in the following paragraphs.


No matter if you want a new or a used boat, check the warranty that your dealer offers. Pay attention to its terms, because you need to know from the very beginning what the warranty covers. You should be looking for a solid warranty.

For example, some companies or dealers don’t offer a warranty for the engine as a whole, but only some for parts of it. It is also possible to have every component of your boat covered, but not for the same period. For instance, if some of them have a 5-year warranty, others can have only 1-year warranty. Also, check if the warranty is transferable or not. After a while, you may want to sell it. Can you transfer the warranty as well? This is a significant advantage, which can accelerate the selling process of your boat.

What does a used boat warranty mean?

As it was already mentioned, not many dealers offer warranty for a used boat. However, many Australians choose to buy such a boat. You can use an assurance policy from the start, or choose a BIA-certified dealer.

The program introduced by BIA covers full mechanical failure, and it can be extended for a small fee when you buy the boat. Even though the warranty does not cover every single part of the vessel, most of them are included in the policy: outboard, instruments, windscreen, wiring, winch, steering and fuel system. A disadvantage of this warranty is that it is limited to $7.500.

This program was introduced in order to make sure that BIA dealers will sell only the boats that are in a good condition. This way, customers know for sure that they are going to purchase a quality boat, even if it’s not new.

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