Top 5 fishing boat maintenance tips

Posted on Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - 13:20

When having a fishing boat, maintenance is one of the most important aspects you should be looking at. This way, you will make sure your watercraft is going to be useable for a longer period. This means more profit for you, no matter if you use the fishing boat yourself or choose to sell it. Keep in mind that the same type of boat can have different reselling prices depending on how it looks and how it was maintained.

Rinse it after every fishing trip

Even though this is one of the most important and easier steps for having a shiny, well-maintained boat, many people tend to skip it. Rinsing your boat thoroughly every time you come back after fishing in salt water may not seem such a big thing. Your boat has not been all day in dust but in water. Water is clean, right? Wrong! Actually, salt water can cause damage to it, because of its high amount of salt, which is corrosive. If you don’t rinse your boat regularly with fresh water, in a few months you will definitely notice rust and other traces of erosion.

Use the right cleaning solution

Every material has its needs so you should make sure to use the cleaning solution that’s suitable for it. For the exterior of your fishing boat, it is recommended to use a biodegradable soap and a soft sponge when cleaning it. You can make your windows crystal clear using a homemade solution of apple cider vinegar and water. For stainless steel, chrome, or aluminium fittings buy a quality cleaner specially designed for them. To prevent the wood parts, such as the floor, from rotting, make sure that you always use a clean cloth to eliminate excess water and dry them out.

Change the oil regularly

Just like a car, a fishing boat needs to have its oil changed regularly. If you want to protect your boat and expand its lifetime, you must also pay attention to the oil you use. Also, remember that the frequency is not the same for every fishing boat, so you should not change it just because you have heard that someone else is doing the same. Talk to a specialist to see how often your boat needs its oil changed and don’t skip this important step.

Repair or replace the damaged equipment

Nothing is going to repair by itself, so don’t ignore the damages you notice to your fishing boat or accessories. Most probably, the erosion will affect a bigger area if not solved at the right time. As soon as you observe rust, erosion, rot or any other damage to the equipment, take action. You will avoid further problems and bigger costs.

Check the propeller

This is one of the most important technical items, and you should check it carefully, at least a few times per fishing season. For this purpose, remove it and make sure that there is no fishing line wrapped around it. Also, check for dents, nicks and other damages. All these may dramatically decrease your fishing boat’s performance. Before putting the propeller shaft back, apply some waterproof grease. This will ensure its smooth functioning and a longer lifetime.

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