Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have a specific boat in mind. Will Savvy finance it?

YES! Savvy finances every type of marine vehicle you can think of, from sailcruisers, yachts, dinghys, motorcruisers, powerboats, keelboats, trailer sailers and more! 

Q. I want to buy a jet ski. Can I get a loan for that?

YES! Savvy are jet ski loan specialists. You can get a quote on the right and save!

Q. I want to buy a used boat from a private seller. Is that possible?

YES – Savvy finances all kinds of transactions whether it’s new or used, or from a dealer or private seller.

Q. How much are quotes?

FREE! You can get one in no-time using our online system. They’re 100% complimentary and have no obligation!

Q. I have bad credit. Can I get a boat loan?

YES! Savvy helps many people with bad credit or new arrivals to Australia find great deals on boat loans and marine finance.  9/10 applications are approved!

Q. I’m self-employed. Am I able to apply for marine finance?

YES – We help the self-employed, entrepreneur and retiree find the best deals on boat and jet ski loans. You can speak to one of our financial professionals to find out more.

Q. I want to speak to a real person instead of apply online. Can I do that?

YES – Savvy has a team of financial professionals that are happy to talk you through your free quote or application. Call 1300 974 066 and connect now!

Q. I want to know how much I can spend before I look for a boat, can I do that?

Yes – you can use our online loan calculator to get a clearer understanding of how much a loan will cost. It’s simple to use and best of all, it’s free! Or you can get a no-obligation quote using our online quote system.

Q. I want to buy a few boats for my business. Is that possible?

Absolutely – we have a range of commercial boat loan options to suit your needs. Click here for more information on our offering of marine finance options for business.

Q. What kind of boat should I buy?

That’s up to you! Read our blog about the best boats and get many other helpful tips about marine craft!