Marine Finance

Have you ever experienced the open sea on a yacht? Have you ever dreamed of sailing toward your favourite fishing spot on a motorcruiser or a powered dinghy? Maybe you enjoy the tranquil breezes of summer on your very own sailcruiser, runabout or keelboat? Perhaps you’re ready to race in a multi-hull or powerboat? If boats aren’t your fancy, maybe you’re in the market for a heart-racing jet ski?

Whatever your passion is on the water, Savvy finance finds all our customers the best rates on marine finance.

We have boat loans tailored for you starting from as low as 5.51% p.a (6.43% p.a. comparison rate). We access over 25 of Australia’s top rated and most reputable banks and lenders so you can rest assured we have found you an unbeatable deal on your boat loan.

Finance Options

Savvy finances all kinds of marine craft from new dealer sales to used private sales. Click here and learn more!

Chattel mortgages, hire purchases and finance leases for commercial purposes. Get a great deal on business boat loans with Savvy.

Looking for the lowest and most flexible loans for jet skis? Look no further, as Savvy has some of the lowest jet ski loan rates.

Marine Insurance

If you’re looking for a yacht, dinghy, cruiser or jet ski, Savvy can also provide great premiums on marine insurance. Click here to learn more about boat and jet ski insurance.

Private or Dealer

We provide endless options and great deals on all kinds of commercial and private marine craft. If you need 12 month, three year, five year or even seven-year terms, we can arrange that for you. We also offer 100% finance for approved customers and balloon payments if you’re looking to reduce regular repayments in lieu of one final lump sum.

Bad Credit Marine Finance

If you’re worried that you won’t find finance due to bad credit, stress less with Savvy. We have helped countless Australians who have sub-prime credit histories, are new arrivals or self-employed people get a second chance at boat, jet ski and personal watercraft finance. Our financial professionals can sift through many of our lenders offers to find you something that’s not only fair, but flexible!

Same Day Approvals

We offer same day approvals for most customers through our lightning fast online approval service! Experience speed and ease with Savvy. Talk to one of our helpful financial professionals! Call now on 1300 974 066 and make a free, no-obligation enquiry. Think marine finance, think Savvy!