New & Used Boat Loans

Getting out on the water with a great boat has never been easier with Savvy. We know that families and people of all ages love splashing about on many of Australia’s rivers, lakes and coastal areas. We also recognise the need for people to have flexibility in the choices they make about marine craft.

That’s why Savvy finances all types of marine leisure vehicles such as yachts and dinghys from drydock-fresh new boats to a pre-loved motorcruiser or jet ski. Just as we’re in the business of finding the cheapest and greatest deals on boat loans, we want people to save as much money as they can on their overall purchase.

Whether you’re taking a new boat or a used boat out for a spin, you can feel confident that you’re floating your dollar further with Savvy. 

Why Choose Savvy?

New and used

YES! you can buy new and used boats and personal watercraft with Savvy finance.

Lowest rates

If we can’t find the lowest rates on marine finance, no one can! It’s the Savvy guarantee.

Marine insurance

We don’t just find great deals on boat finance, but exceptional savings on marine insurance.

Dealers or private buyers

Whether you’re looking to buy privately or through a dealer, Savvy has you covered.

We Know Boats

Our financial professionals have years of experience in broking boat finance. Savvy is experience you can trust.

Endless options

Need 100% finance? A balloon payment? Flexible terms? We can do that!

Competitive Watercraft Finance

With so many watercraft and marine finance lenders out for your business, it’s no wonder that Savvy customers get the best watercraft finance deals.

Private or Dealer Boats

We proudly finance boats bought from dealerships and through private buyers. We not only finance boats, but all types of marine pleasure craft such as jet skis, speedboats, dinghies, powerboats, multihulls, motor cruisers, yachts and all types of marine vehicles.

Best Boat Loans

Savvy gives our customers options. We shop your online quote around to over 25 of Australia’s premier marine finance lenders and banks to find the lowest rates and most comfortable terms. If Savvy can’t find the best deal on boat loans, no one can!

Flexible Loan Terns

You can choose your own fixed loan terms from 12 months all the way up to 7 years. Do you need 100% finance? We can cover that too. We even give options for residual value payments (balloon payments), loans for the self-employed or retired and packages that suit business owners.

Second Chance Boat Loans

We also provide second chance boat finance for people with bad credit. Learn more about our bad credit boat loans here.

Hassle Free Application

If you’re finding it frustrating looking for decent deals on marine finance, let the financial professionals take care of the nitty gritty for you. Our team of experts know all there is to know about the boat loan market in Australia and work hard pouring through fees, figures and comparison rates – all you have to do is sit back and relax.

You won’t have long though; we offer same-day approvals so you can sail away in no time! To get started, get your complimentary quote online! It only takes minutes of your time. You’ll be blown away by how much you’ll save. All quotes are obligation free, and always will be!

Want to get started? Get your online quote here or call 1300 974 066 and speak to one of our friendly marine finance professionals. Think marine finance, think Savvy!